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“What did you do at school today?”…”Let me show you!”

by Gina Morales on April 10, 2013

The effects of well-designed, STEM-based curriculum on our country’s educational system have profound implications, as noted in this editorial from The National Math and Science Initiative and in  infographic from ReadyNation. STEM is not only beneficial to children and to our society, it is essential.

We want to enjoy watching our children discover the world around them, moment by moment.  Through enrolling children in a STEM program parents become advocates for authentic learning experiences.

For these reasons we would like to share a this insightful example of a STEM experience. The video, put together by an Oklahoma family, reflects the profound effect a single day in a STEM-based class had on their daughter. The results are truly amazing!

Upon returning home from a day at school, the six-year old found herself unable to outline to her parents what she’d learned – she needed to show them! With minimal guided support from her family she sets up her own scientific demonstration, and her parents set the video rolling.

Although pint-sized, the little girl introduces her experiment, states a hypothesis, uses multiple trials to gather data and draws conclusions from her experiments. I remind you that this is after just one day in a STEM class!

We all know that STEM is the right choice for our children in the long-term. But if you’ve ever had doubts about STEM’s immediate benefits – and I do mean immediate! – all you need to do is take a look at the video below.

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